Best Weighted Vests

Trying to judge which is the best weighted vest is fraught with problems and can only be a subjective judgement. When you buy from the top of the market, and you should, there is little to choose between the manufacturers in my opinion.

Like anything else some people will swear by one type of weighted training vest above all others and trying to arrive at an impartial decision is difficult. I use a top branded one and I’m very happy with it. I did look at other brands and they were just as good I just liked the look and design of the one I chose.

Rather than trying to find out which is the best weighted training vest it’s probably more important to examine the different features between different types of vests. View more weighted vest choices here.

Solid Vests, as the name suggests is a solid weight vest that has no way for you to add or remove weights. The vest weighs what it weighs and once you choose it you are stuck with it. Because these weighted training vests lack the functionality to adjust the weight, they are the cheapest vests.

These weighted vests are suitable for some people who don’t want to adjust the weight of the vest. If you are looking to increase the weight of your vest as your fitness improves then you want an adjustable vest. These are more expensive and come in two sizes. Short vests and long vests.

For me the best weighted training vest is a short one. I like to have the option to change the weights when I want. This is excellent when you are training someone who is unfit. Once I have built their fitness up to a certain level I introduce the weighted training vest.

I keep the vest light to begin with. I also like the short vests because they don’t restrict your movement.

The long training vests are arguably the most comfortable but the hand down below the hips restricting some movement slightly.

Personally I would advise you to buy an adjustable vest. Where you can add extra weights to if you want. The price of a good weighted vest has dropped and the technology they use in making the vests with modern materials means you can get a superb quality vest for around a hundred dollars.